Most folks experience two types of energy: tense & calm. Yet most of the time the default for so many of us is tension! We call this stress, & the medical community agrees that it wreaks havoc on our health, creating imbalances physically, emotionally, & mentally, sometimes manifesting as acute or chronic illness or disease. Without argument, decreasing stress in our lives is considered key to vibrant health.

But how? Stress seems to be something we’ve come to accept as a part of every day life. And those moments when we feel calm, are few & fleeting, at best.

To drum, sing & dance, is nothing new. As folk arts — meaning participatory arts for every day people — they’ve been around for a while. In fact, they’re activities that have been known about, enjoyed, & practiced for thousands of years, in the ceremonies & celebrations of temples, town halls, & town squares.

Their health-promoting benefits are finally being recognized, studied & documented by modern medical science. They can be brain-stimulating, lung-strengthening, body-oxygenating, group-unifying, immune-boosting, nervous system-nourishing….

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